“Almost 27% of the territory of Serbia is extremely suitable and suitable for the installation of solar power plants.” – said Nikola Mladenovic from the Center for development of  informal education (CD4E), at the presentation of the publication on the potentials of solar energy in Serbia, which was prepared within the Climate Forum network.

The study aims to provide practical information on the application of solar systems and consists of four segments: basic data on solar energy and technologies most used, the potential of solar energy in Serbia, a brief overview of necessary steps in the installation of solar systems, and examples of successful projects of solar system application in Serbia – stated Tijana Jakovljevic from CD4E.

Special research was conducted which included the use of open satellite and geospatial data and their processing in geographic information systems, a large number of parameters were included, and the biggest challenge was the availability of data, as well as the lack of certain data that would allow even more accurate picture necessary for the most efficient use of these systems. ” – Nikola Mladenovic added.

In the study of 111 questions on solar energy, by processing open data using geographic information systems, the locations that are most suitable for the construction of solar power plants were singled out. The criteria according to which the analysis was done are: solar radiation, exposure, slope, land use, proximity to roads, settlements, forests and temperature and precipitation. The most suitable locations for the construction of a solar power plant are located in the north of Serbia in the Pannonian Plain and in the valleys of large rivers and valleys in central, southeastern and southern Serbia.

In this publication on solar energy, it is possible to find out how to determine which side of the world the roof of the building is facing, how to calculate the electricity consumption of a household that is (or is not) connected to the electricity distribution network, where to buy solar systems and at what price. install and how long they last. Examples of successful projects presented in the study indicate that both legal entities and individuals can produce electricity using clean technologies in Serbia.

“111 questions and answers about solar energy” provides all important and practical information on the application of solar systems for electricity generation in Serbia.

The publication was published within the ECO SYSTEM: Supporting environmental reforms in Serbia conducted by Young Researchers of Serbia, with the support of Sweden.