29. APRIL 2023.

With the adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, prosumers are limited to installing power plants with a maximum power of up to 10.8 kW for households or up to 5 MW for legal entities up to July 2024. The mentioned changes are a better solution compared to the proposal of the Law sent to the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia for consideration, which will enable citizens and the economy to partially increase their electricity production for their own needs, announced The Environment Improvement Center.

“We hope that during future changes to this Law, in addition to covering regular consumption, will enable the production of the necessary electricity for heating and cooling, as well as electromobility, i.e., the charging of electric vehicles, which are becoming more and more common.” In this way, it would contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Republic of Serbia in the implementation of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan,” said Ivana Jovčić, director of the Environment Improvement Center.

The limit for households of 10.8 kW will be applied after the adoption of the Law, while legal entities, which are prosumers, will have the opportunity to start and finish production facilities with an installed power of up to 5 MW by July 1, 2024. After the end of the transition period, this group of prosumers will be limited to 150 kW.

“We consider that it is necessary for the Government of the Republic of Serbia to focus on improving the flexibility and stability of the electricity distribution system in order to ensure an increase in capacity for faster and safer connection of new prosumersas well as other producers of energy from renewable sources.

“In addition, we invite the Ministry of Mining and Energy to continue the further development of legislation that will ensure the full implementation of net metering for prosumers and thereby remove the existing barriers to the implementation of this concept so that as many citizens as possible can be involved in the processes of decarbonization and energy transition and thus contribute to the fulfillment of the goals and international obligations of the Republic of Serbia,” concluded Vladan Šćekić, program director of the of the Environment Improvement Center.

In Serbia, there are currently 959 households and 315 legal entities that have the status of prosumers, with a total installed power of about 15 MW.

We remind you that the Republic of Serbia, as a member of the Energy Community and a signatory of the Sofia Declaration on the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, has committed itself to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 40.3% by 2030 compared to 1990 and to increase the share of renewable sources by 40.7% in the total final consumption of electricity.”

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from Environment Improvement Centre